Commercial activation training with your portfolio and target group

Solutions for complex sales challenges: impactful training

Sales training is not an end in itself. What matters is excellent sales performance. You want to learn to have better conversations with customers in order to achieve more turnover. Training should lead to lasting change. We help you with that. The focus of our approach is awareness, reflection, learning and activating new skills in practice. Read more about our training courses below and view our training offerings! Want to know how we can get your sales moving?

Solutions for complex sales challenges: impactful training
A challenging perspective: Outside-in selling

A challenging perspective: Outside-in selling

Do you want to know what is really going on in your customer's mind? That is what all salespeople want. The basis for real value creation is truly understanding the customers and finding out what they need, which is not always what they want to buy. A modern salesperson puts their customer first. This is easy to say, but in practice it is quite a challenge. Because you come across pitfalls at every step of the sales cycle. Conceptsales Outside-in selling changes your mindset and transforms your sales approach.

Activation training courses: Learning is doing!

What determines the effectiveness of sales training? Its applicability in practice! So why not get started right away? Our activation training courses take practice as the starting point. During the training programme, participants are challenged to practise in their daily work and apply learned skills immediately. Read our blog about how we make sales training work for your organisation.

Activation training courses: Learning is doing!

Our offering Outside-in training with power:

Account management

How do we create loyal customers?

Modern sales (Outside-in selling)

How do we sell our services?

Sales leadership

How do I take leadership to the next level?

Lead generation

How do we spot new customers?

Deal closing

How do you capitalise on sales opportunities?

Pitching and Presenting

How do we present our solution?

Account management Account management

Learn how to continuously inspire, advise and captivate your customers. Grow with your customer through clear development strategies, DMU broadening, account action planning and seize your role as trusted advisor. Use cross-selling techniques to help customers better and provide more value.

Modern sales (Outside-in selling) Modern sales (Outside-in selling)

Your customer is at the centre of all your sales efforts. How do you conduct an effective needs assessment aimed at creating sales opportunities? In which phase of the buy-cycle can you add most value as a trusted advisor? On this training course, you learn to conduct a dialogue from the customer's perspective and, together with your customer, to translate an (implicit) need into your solution.

Sales leadership Sales leadership

Sales leaders carry and shape the commercial success of organisations. Real leadership is shown when you ensure that the organisation and the sales team develop in such a way that commercial goals are permanently achieved. This requires the right knowledge, mindset, attitude and skills. This programme provides the sales manager with the platform to take his leadership to the next level.

Lead generation Lead generation

How do you create leads? Which strategy is most profitable? During this training course you will put different strategies into practice. You learn to qualify opportunities, develop self-confidence and a positive mindset towards personal lead generation. By engaging in online and offline dialogues, you will already during the training course be creating initial sales opportunities and closing deals.

Deal closing Deal closing

How do you capitalise on sales opportunities? On this training course, you learn to close deals at the right time. You will use your selling skills and insight into psychological customer types to let your customer's needs guide you in closing deals. As a result, you will achieve higher conversion to orders, gain more self-confidence and get more enjoyment out of negotiating.

Pitching and Presenting Pitching and Presenting

In your commercial role, sooner or later you will find yourself in a situation where you will present yourself, your company, an idea, a solution or a combination of these to an audience. Whether this is to many or few people, in the end it is in your interest that they never forget you and that your message comes across crystal clear. How do you do that? You will learn that on this training course!

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